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There will be no shipping the weeks of the 20th and 27th. Please note that any orders placed on June 12, or after, will not be shipped until July 5th.  

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Raising quality axolotls from our tank to yours. 

The Clutch

We at The Clutch believe above all in the safety and welfare of our animals. We promise to maintain the best possible care from the moment the eggs hatch, until they are in the mail, on the way to your door. We only ask that you return the courtesy. Before purchasing an axolotl, please do as much research as possible. 

Important things to know about; diet, water parameters, and cycling your tank. 

Also Note

Cycling your tank can be an extremely long and frustrating process, but it is also a critical one. Feel free to message me at any time with questions, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Yeah, I'm a thrill seeker, but crikey, education's the most important thing. 

-Steve Irwin

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